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About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the country that got independence from Pakistan due to India. Earlier it was known as East Pakistan. It is a country located in South Asia and shares its international borders with India, Myanmar, and other countries. The country is the 8th most populous nation in the world that covers more than 147,570 square kilometers.

The climate of Bangladesh is similar to India and has a great environment to live in. As the medical universities in Bangladesh have an almost Indian medical education system, it is a better choice for Indian medical students to study MBBS Abroad. The country has had great relations with India since 1971, and till the present, both countries are working together on various issues.



MBBS in Bangladesh is a good option for those students who want to study according to the Indian education system at an affordable fee. Bangladesh is a small country and an old neighbor to India, it follows the same education technique as India. The MCI/NMC approved medical colleges in Bangladesh offer direct admission to eligible students.

Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad can prefer Bangladesh for more eminent medical studies. Also, they can work in India after completing the MBBS course in top medical colleges in Bangladesh.

Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is an emerging country for Indian students and improved its education system in recent years. Affordable fees and the expert guidance of teachers made this country popular among medical students of the world. Here are the top 13 reasons to choose Bangladesh for MBBS Abroad that applicants must check.

  •  Growing and developing the education system
  •  Low-cost fees (Tuition and housing)
  •  English medium classroom
  •  FMG passing rate is high as compared to other countries.
  •  Just a few hours distance from India.
  •  Friendly people
  •  Less valued currency than India
  •  Secure country for Indian students
  •  Most of the people using the Bengali language which is familiar to the Indian regional language.
  •  NMC approved Medical Universities in Bangladesh
  •  Indian dishes
  •  No language barrier to communicate with local people
  •  Decent rate of successful students globally

Medical Courses Available in Bangladesh

As India and Bangladesh follow the same medical system and syllabus, the courses offered by the medical colleges of Bangladesh are the same in India. The duration of the study programs is almost equal. MBBS course duration in Bangladesh is 5 years and a year compulsory internship is required after completing the MBBS degree.

Hostel Facilities in Medical Universities of Bangladesh

The following is the Hostel and Accommodation offered by the Medical Universities in Bangladesh is as follows:

  •  Have separate hostels for males and females.
  •  The rooms are fully or semi furnished
  •  There are options for Air-conditioned rooms
  •  The hostel of Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College have mess facilities for its students
  •  The hostels are fully protected and have a good security system
  •  The hostels are provided with water and electricity to all their students

Food Facilities in Medical Universities of Bangladesh

Food in Bangladesh is similar to Indian food but with less spice. Indian Students can avail Indian food in Bangladesh easily. The canteen in the medical colleges in Bangladesh and hostels for Indian Students pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh offer Indian food. Be it vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food, Indian Students can enjoy Indian Cuisines in Medical University canteens and hostels.

Climate in Bangladesh

The climate in Bangladesh is more or less similar to India. Bangladesh has five climatic zones corresponding to the tropical and subtropical zones namely, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Most of the medical colleges in Bangladesh are located in tropical and subtropical zones, which are plain areas bordering India with similar climatic conditions. Hence, Indian students who want to pursue education in Bangladesh can easily adapt to the climatic conditions of Bangladesh.

Student's Life in Medical Universities of Bangladesh

The following is a list of all the activities and the surrounding environment offered to provide a better experience for all its students who study MBBS in Medical universities in Bangladesh:

  •  The college campus offers canteen and mess facilities.
  •  The university offers all its students with hostel facility that is fully equitized and have all the modern accommodates
  •  The campus of the university has a playground and a gym for all its students
  •  The MBBS in Bangladesh has more than 500 affiliated hospitals that are used to provide training to the students where the students are trained by professionals and get a field experience
  •  The campus is surrounded by restaurants that provide great food

MCI/NMC approved Top medical Universities in Bangladesh

The list of MCI/NMC approved medical colleges in Bangladesh mentioned below offers a degree valid in India. The colleges are approved by the National Medical Commission, WHO, and other reputed medical bodies.