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About China 

China is one of the well-developed countries in the world located in the East Asia continent. It has upgraded itself in every field. It is the most populous country and the second-largest country in the world. It covers more than 9.6 million square KM of land. Beijing is the capital of this nation.

Every year China welcomes students from all across the globe to study in their educational institutions. Medical studies are the popular ones. Students can work in many countries after getting an MBBS degree from top medical colleges of China, as they have approval from various parts of the world.



Studying MBBS in China in the Top Medical Universities in China is one of the best and cost-friendly options for Indian students. China is one of the hottest destinations for Indian students to study MBBS abroad. The Medical University in China for Indian students offers high-quality education with affordable fees.

MBBS in China is one of the most demanding options for international Medical students. There are plenty of top medical colleges and universities which are praised globally. Also, China has upgraded quickly in the medical field to provide its people a healthy and secure atmosphere to live in. Top medical colleges in China offer MBBS courses at an affordable fee.

The education system of medical colleges in this country offers high-quality education along with experienced practical training to enhance the skills of students. There are several Low-Cost MBBS colleges in China, and their fee is pretty affordable in comparison to medical colleges of developed nations.

Medical colleges in China have approval from MCI/NMC, WHO, and other popular medical organizations. This is why it is among the top destinations, especially for Indian students, to Study MBBS in china. There are about 48 medical colleges in the country recognized by NMC. They offer English medium education to foreign students, so they will never feel a language barrier in the country.


Why Study MBBS in China?

The education system of China is considered as one of the best in the world. This country has upgraded itself in medical and providing standard education at a low fee. Also, students can work here after completing the degree. The main reason behind choosing the MBBS in China option is that students get a chance to study in government and reputed medical universities.

Students can get direct admission to the best medical universities in China, without any entrance exam. However, Indian students have to pass the NEET exam to be eligible for MBBS studies. Apart from this, here are the top reasons behind China becoming a popular destination for medical studies.

  •  Worldwide praised and ranked medical Universities/colleges
  •  Low-cost tuition fee
  •  Low ratio of teachers and Students in Classrooms, so students get more attention from teachers
  •  Practical oriented courses and training under experienced teachers
  •  Job security, as students, can work in plenty of nations
  •  Impressive FMGE passing Rate
  •  Internationally approved medical degree
  •  NMC approved Medical Universities in China
  •  Indian Cuisines will be offered in the hostel mess
  •  No need for English proficiency exams (IELTS/TOEFL )
  •  Secure nations for international students
  •  Scholarship to talented students


Duration of the course - 5 years


Language of China

  • There are many languages in this country.
  • As per the belief of the linguist, the number of living languages in China is 297
  • The majority of Chinese people speaks Mandarin
  • In the mainland, the official language is standard Chinese
  • Many people in this country speak Cantonese


Currency  of China

  • The official currency name that has been used in this country is Renminbi
  • The code of Chinese currency is RMB
  • Generally, most of the time, Yuan has been used as currency for the international transaction
  • The currency code for yuan is CNY


Population of China

  • As per the data given by the United Nations the current population of this country is 1,435,616,734.
  • The total population of this country is equivalent to 18.59 of the whole world population
  • The total population in the urban area is 59.7 %
  • The population density of this country is 153 per square kilometer
  • This country has ranked 1 based on the country population
  • The median age of this beautiful country is 37 years.


Religion of China

  • Being a communist country, China has no religion
  • Many people of this country follow Confucianism
  • A Large number of people in China follow Buddhism.
  • As per recent data, less than 1% of people follow Taoism
  • There are about 1.8% of people who follow Islam religion
  • The 5 % of people of China are recognized as Christian
  • There are about 22% of people here following the traditional folk.


Climate in China

  • During the summertime, the weather of this country remains hot
  • You can experience abundant rainfall in a few regions of this country.
  • The average temperature of this country is 11.8 degrees C
  • July and August are the hottest months here
  • The coldest months of China are January and December
  • The highest average temperature of this beautiful country is 31 degrees C
  • -10 degrees C is the lowest temperature on average here
  • The precipitation range is 0.1 mm

Currency Exchange Rate

  • As per the recent rate of exchange, 1 USD is equal to 7.05635 CNY
  • Likewise, 10.0670 rupees in India is equal to 1 CNY.

Time difference from India

  • The time of India is 2 hours 30 minutes slower than that of the china
  • Therefore, if it is 10:48 pm, Wednesday, 30th October in China, the time of India is then 8:18 pm, Wednesday, 30th, for example

Travel Time from Delhi to China

  • Based on the geographical location, the distance between China and Delhi are 3653 kilometers
  • Therefore, if you want to go to China from Delhi by flight it will take almost 5-7 hours.
  • Actually, the travel distance by flight will be depending on the air route.
  • Sometimes, it will take 31 hours long based on the stop destination.

Accommodation Facilities in Medical Universities of China

The students can witness the remarkable hostel facility in China

  • All the university hostels of this country are well equipped
  • Though the structure and comfortability of the hostels depend on the regions
  • All types of utilities such as internet, water, electricity are available in the university hostels
  • This country is well known for its social harmony also
  • The Government of China takes special care of international students
  • Every single time, you need to show your ID proof to enter the hostel
  • There is a restriction for the visitors also for the student's safety
  • The students cannot leave or enter the hostel after or before certain timings
  • The students do not have to worry about the food
  • There are various types of cuisines are provided in the university canteen

MCI/NMC approved Top Medical Universities in China

The medical universities mentioned below have approval from the National Medical Commission. After completing the medical degree from MCI/NMC approved medical universites in China, students can work in Indian hospitals.