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Manipal College of Medical Science

Established in 1994, The Manipal College of Medical Sciences (MCOMS) at Pokhara, Nepal, following an agreement between the Manipal Group and the Government of Nepal. In 1998, the 900-bed Manipal Teaching Hospital was set up with the mission of being an excellent learning centre and providing quality and affordable healthcare to people. The college and hospital have been set up with modern facilities for medical education and healthcare. MCOMS offers MBBS and PG courses in Basic Sciences and Clinical subjects.

Manipal College of Medical Sciences aims at holistic development of the student by incorporating innovative and modern teaching techniques, activities, practical exposure, and opportunities to participate in national/international scientific forums.

  • Tuition Fee (in Indian Rs for Indian students and in USD for international students):

2020-21 MBBS Tuition Fee -

Indian and International Admissions

Indian Nationals

Other International (incl. NRIs/NRNs etc.)

(Indian Rs)


Total (in installment)

INR 55,00,000

USD 82,000                                                                                                                                                                                      


Indian Nationals

Other International

(Indian Rs)


First Year Installment

INR 27,50,000

USD 41,000

Second Year Installment

INR 13,75,000

USD 20,500

Third Year Installment

INR 8,25,000

USD 12,300

Fourth Year Installment

INR 5,50,000

USD 8,200                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Miscellaneous Fee (in Nepali Rs - NPRs, for all students): The tuition fee does not include following:

Application Fee (one time)


Refundable Caution Deposit (one time)


Refundable Mess Deposit (one time)


Kathmandu University Regd Fee (one time)

NPRs 22,500/- (SAARC)

NPRs 30,000/- (Foreign)

Nepal Medical Council Fee (one time)

NPRs 5,000/-

Hostel Room (one time)

NPRs 20,000/-

Annual Hostel Fee (non-refundable)

NPRs 1,26,000/- per annum (Single Occupancy) or NPRs 63,000/- (Double Occupancy)



Annual Mess Fee Advance

NPRs 1,50,000/- advance against monthly mess bills of approx. NPRs 7,000/-; balance to be adjusted against other misc. charges (lab manuals, bone set, electricity etc.)

Annual Culture, Sports, Extracurricular & Information Technology (IT) Fee

NPRs 20,000/-

Annual Medicare Premium

NPRs 5,000/-

Kathmandu University Examination Fee

As per University norms, payable on University exams

1.6 Nepali Rs = 1 Indian Re (for USD, exchange rate on date of transaction)


Total other payables, on admission: Students opting hostel with single occupancy will have to pay Nepali Rs.6,00,000/- and those opting for double occupancy (subject to social distancing norms and approval of Dean) will have to pay Nepali Rs.5,50,000/- to cover up for above misc. expenses of the first year. Surplus/dues would be adjusted in the second installment, invoice for which will be provided one month before the due date in second year.